Floating Tea House

The Floating Tea House, constructed after Japanese style tea rooms, provides an intimate space for two or three people to meet. Whether used for a traditional tea ceremony, individual contemplation, making art, or having a meaningful conversation, the tea house is a refuge apart from the world but interconnected through filtered light and real materials.

The 7ft by 9ft house is mobile and available for renting/borrowing.
Contact us to take it home or to your special event!

guest entrance
elevated picture alcove
The simplicity of the tea-room and its freedom from vulgarity make it truly a sanctuary from the vexations of the outer world. There and there alone one can consecrate himself to undisturbed adoration of the beautiful. In the sixteenth century the tea-room afforded a welcome respite from labour to the fierce warriors and statesmen engaged in the unification and reconstruction of Japan. In the seventeenth century, after the strict formalism of the Tokugawa rule had been developed, it offered the only opportunity possible for the free communion of artistic spirits. Before a great work of art there was no distinction between daimyo, samurai, and commoner. Nowadays industrialism is making true refinement more and more difficult all the world over. Do we not need the tea-room more than ever?
Kakuzo Okakura. “The Book of Tea.”