What You'll Find Here


Enjoy seven acres of woods, surrounded by thousands of acres of conservation land.


Sit in quiet contemplation in the "Samadhi Shack," or roam the trails in solitude.

Floating Tea House

A tiny Japanese-style tea house, built on a trailer.


Spend the night in the "Singing Diamond Hut," enjoying the summer air or, if necessary, stoking the woodstove. Or else bring your tent and find a spot under a hemlock tree!

Cook simple meals with real ingredients.

Learn rustic bread baking techniques.

Get in touch with food, nature, and yourself.

Coming Soon

Kitchen HQ

Bodhi Crumb's kitchen headquarters. Under construction now!

Earth Oven

A rustic clay oven. Coming soon.

Roadside Reading Shack

A small booth for private reading and writing. Coming 2017.

Resident Founder

Dave St.Germain

Bodhi Crumb visionary.

Raised in Lawrence, MA, Dave spent many years living and working in Cambridge before building his tiny house, which now sits on the western edge of the Bodhi Crumb property. He's been here for two years — but to get the long view, check out the History page.

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