Bodhi Crumb

dedicated to creating a space for quiet contemplation and rustic bread baking

Start With a Crumb

an open curiosity

Bodhi means "awakening" — waking up to reality. Although there are many traditional paths to awakening, not all of them speak to modern people's lives. Bodhi Crumb starts with a simple premise: we've lost touch with ourselves, with nature, and with our food. How can we take small steps to find what we've lost? And when we find it, how can we develop that precious crumb in our daily lives?

Everyone Can Find It

it's in our hands

As we learn the bread-baking process, we will give ourselves the opportunity to touch a reality that we often ignore. We will learn how to work with and care for others with only minimal conversation, as we prepare meals together and tend to the land. We may find that sharing food happens naturally, or we may instead discover precisely what prevents us from real intimacy. Either way, a retreat at Bodhi Crumb opens a gentle space for inquiry. Baking bread, walking through the woods, sitting quietly, and eating with new friends — each day's work forms the recipe of our lives. We will handle these ingredients carefully, by paying attention.

How Can I Get Involved?

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